Balance Weights

H.C. Starck Solutions supplies high-performance balance weights for balancing and vibration control applications into the aerospace and defense markets. Explore our high-density tungsten balance weights here.

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Balls, Spheres, & Cubes

H.C. Starck Solutions manufactures a variety of semi-finished or finished balls, spheres, and cubes from a range of materials, including high density tungsten alloys.

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Bar & Rod

Our bars and rods are produced via two primary consolidation methods – Vacuum Arc-Melting and Powder Metallurgy (PM) – to provide a broad range of material options that can satisfy any application requirements.

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Bearing Parts

H.C. Starck Solutions produces advanced bearing parts capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and loading conditions without succumbing to thermal or mechanical degradation. Our unmatched experience in precision machining refractory components to extreme tolerances ensures consistent, repeatable performance.

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Collimators & Anti Scatter Grids

Collimators and anti-scatter grids, are critical components for radiation management in computerized tomography (CT) scanning and radiotherapy. H.C. Starck Solutions manufactures and supplies collimators with superb attenuation characteristics for use in all medical applications.

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H.C. Starck Solutions are experienced suppliers of a variety of crucible types, including those made from refractory metals such as Mo, TZM, MoLa, and W.

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Discs & Squares

H.C. Starck Solutions offers an extensive range of pre-cut discs and squares as well as the ability to cut customized discs in various sizes from molybdenum, tungsten, and their alloys.

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Evaporation Boats

H.C. Starck Solutions can provide custom dimensions and designs for evaporation boats to customer specifications. They provide even and controlled heating when switched on to vaporize the more volatile substrates.

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Furnace Boats

H.C. Starck Solutions’ furnace boats are made of molybdenum alloys and have exceptional retention of their shape at annealing temperatures which often exceed 800°C or 1472°F.

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Glass Melting Electrodes

Some advantages of H.C. Starck Solutions’ glass melting electrodes include higher energy efficiency, lower capital cost per unit of capacity, and more control over glass melting applications.

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Heat Sinks

Effective thermal management components, like those produced by H.C. Starck Solutions, use cost-effective, composite materials that possess high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion.

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Heating Elements

H.C. Starck Solutions specializes in the production of refractory alloy heating elements for superior performance in all furnace applications.

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High Performance Powders

With a mastery of metallurgic processing and unsurpassed technical expertise, H.C. Starck Solutions can reliably meet and exceed customer expectations and market requirements with a suite of tailor-made, high-performance powders suitable for a wide range of market sectors.

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Hot Zones

H.C. Starck Solutions can provide customer-specific high-quality furnace components and fixtures for high-temperature furnaces.

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Isothermal Forging Dies

H.C. Starck has customized superior die alloys to improve the forging and diffusion bonding process and result in high quality forged products.

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Isotope Containers

H.C. Stark Solutions provides advanced engineered components for radiation safety and materials transport. They can supply 3D printed collimator parts function as gamma camera collimators and PET SEPTA plates for shielding in PET cameras as well as parts for radiation shielding and isotope containers.

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Missile Warhead Liners

H.C. Starck Solutions has a range of advanced materials that can be fabricated into geometries suitable for high-performance ordnance and munitions, including explosively formed penetrators and shaped charge liners, as well as forging blanks from refractory materials.

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H.C. Starck Solutions is a world-leading provider of high-purity refractory metal pellets for specialty alloy production.

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Plate, Sheet, & Foil

H.C. Starck Solutions is a global supplier of high-performance sheet, plate, and foil based on precision refractory metals and their alloys.

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Plated & Stamped Components

H.C. Starck Solutions has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of materials to create coatings with exceptional adherence. This results in final products with outstanding bonding, oxidation resistance, and coefficients of thermal expansion perfectly tailored to the substrate material.

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Powders for AM

H.C. Starck Solutions uses an array of innovative manufacturing techniques to produce powder and wire feedstocks that offer world-class performance with highly spherical powder morphology, excellent flowability, exceptional reproducibility, and high purity levels.

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Shielding Parts

Our refractory metals for shielding have densities that can range from 10.2 – 18.5g/cc. As a result, these materials can be 1.5 times as effective as lead and provide extremely efficient protection, particularly where space is limited.

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Sintering Trays

H.C. Starck Solutions’ high performance sintering trays are valuable in multiple industries because they possess superior structural strength and can be manipulated at elevated sintering temperatures.

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Sputtering Targets

The number one goal of H.C. Starck Solutions is to manufacture materials for sputtering targets that produce high quality, uniform coatings while ensuring cost effective target utilization.

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Thermal Spray Powder

H.C. Starck’s molybdenum thermal spray powders enable our customers to protect their products against the detrimental effects of erosion, wear and corrosion.

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Vibration Dampeners

Vibration dampeners by H.C. Starck Solutions effectively diminish vibrational oscillations from functioning mechanical systems in machinery.We possesses over 50 years of expertise in areas of customizable alloys, making our vibration dampeners both high-performing and ideal for your application.

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