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105 Employees

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> 50 years

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100,000 ft²

Our Key Materials & Markets

Aerospace & Defense

Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Molybdenum TZM


Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Industrial & Other

La-doped Molybdenum
Molybdenum TZM
CuMoCu and NiMoNi

Product Examples

Our Key Equipment

Hot & Cold Mill Rolling

Material processing can often be challenging, especially when working with refractory metals. H.C. Starck Solutions’ expertise in powder metallurgy and material processing make us excellent partners for assisting you with your material processing.

  • Hot and Cold rolling of W, and Mo based materials
  • Conversion of raw material ingot to plate and sheet products
  • Capable of tension rolling to thin precision gauges

CNC Machining

Elmet Technologies (formerly H.C. Starck Solutions) finish machines sintered WHA and wrought Mo materials for medical, aerospace, and defense industries. Our precision inspection equipment can be used to verify each operation.

Laser and Waterjet

  • Fabrication and assembly of W and Mo products to furnace and sapphire industries
  • Near-net shape cutting of blanks to customer specifications

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