Refractory and specialty metals are used extensively in a number of industries, including for processes such as metallization through vacuum deposition. These metals have excellent thermal and shock stability to make durable components with long operating lifetimes that in turn reduce operational costs. Electronics, aerospace, energy and defense manufacture are all applications that use the unique properties of these materials for high quality product manufacture.

Market Segment

Many industries rely on hot and cold rolling processes as part of the manufacture. Typically, whether this is for recycled metal powders or ‘fresh’ materials, starting materials are in the form of thick ‘sheetbars’.  These are difficult to cut and manufacture, so hot or cold rolling creates thinner sheets from which shapes and objects can be directly cut without damaging or dramatically altering the desirable properties of the refractory or specialty metal.

Materials & Specifications

Elmet Technologies (formerly H.C. Starck Solutions) has a range of mill sizes to create sheets of a variety of areas as well as different sheet thicknesses for a range of refractory and specialty metals. They also have a large cold rolling operation that uses several annealing/rolling cycles to apply 3 million pounds of force to transform thick ‘sheetbars’ into plate.

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