We collaborate in close partnerships with our customers to develop customized solutions and continuously improve production processes.

Commitment to excellence in Research and Development with:

  • Extensive refractory-metal capable lab-scale manufacturing process development capabilities
  • Strong modeling capabilities with:

-Predictive Finite Element Modeling of manufacturing processes, as well as product application performance

-Topological optimization

-Modelling of thermodynamic properties and phase diagrams of multicomponent systems for new alloy development

  • Full suite of analytical and characterization capabilities, including high temperature testing, specifically for refractory metals
  • Application centers to evaluate new product performance and support our customer’s R&D efforts by giving access to centers of excellence
  • We provide toll development services with application labs for PVD, Thin Films, High Temperature Testing, Vacuum Melting, and Additive Manufacturing.

238 granted patents & 58 pending

Engineering students working in the lab

Research and Development


  • Research team devoted specifically to focus on growth applications
  • FPR R&D headquartered in Newton, MA
  • FPR R&D Staff located in Newton, Euclid, Coldwater, Taicang China and Hermsdorf Germany

Core Competencies

  • Process Design/Development
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Material Characterization
  • Material Development
  • Designing for Additive Manufacturing

Powder Metallurgy – Milling & Blending & Manufacturing

Particle Size ReductionRing Mill
Jar Mill
Powder BlendingTurbula Blender
PK Twin-shell V-Blender
Newton V-Blender
ManufacturingSG100 Plasma System
Spray Dryer

Powder Metallurgy – Powder Characterization

CharacterizationMicrotrac S3500 (sizing)
Fisher Sub-Sieve Size Analyzer (sizing)
Scott, Arnold and Tap Density
Hall Flowmeter (flow testing)
RoTap Model E (sieving & sizing)
Malvern MasterSize 2000 (UT sizing)
Freeman FT-4 Rheometer

Powder Metallurgy – Powder Consolidation

ProcessEquipmentCapabilities / Capacities
ConsolidationVacuum Hot PressUp to 50 tons & 1100℃
Vacuum Sinter FurnaceUp to 2200℃
Lindberg Tube FurnaceVacuum to 10-5 torr or inert atmosphere
Additive ManufacturingRenishaw AM400Build volume: 250mm x 250mm x 300mm
CGT Kinetiks Cold Spray Nitrogen or helium capable
EKRA XH STS Screen PrinterBuild volume: 220mm x 300mm x 100mm

Melting & Thermomechanical Processing

ProcessEquipmentCapabilities / Capacities
MeltingButton MelterSmall buttons up to 2 lbs
R&D Vacuum Arc MelterIngots up to 125mm wide x 250mm long
Thermomechanical Processing R&D Rolling MillSheet up to 150mm wide
Tube FurnacesMaximum temperature 1500℃
Super7 Vacuum FurnaceUp to 1600℃, vacuum to 1.5 x 10-6 torr
MachiningCNC Lathe & Mill
Surface Grinder
Optical Comparator

Process & Materials Modeling

ProcessCapabilities / Capacities
ModelingFinite Element Analysis (FEA)
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)
CM Selector
Including ABAQUS, Solidworks, Calphad, Factsage

Materials Characterization & Analysis

CharacterizationLEO EVO 60 SEM (SEI & EBSD)
Tescan Vega LM SEM (SEI, EBSD, EDS)
Zeiss Optical Microscope
Universal Testing Equipment
Optical Microscopes
Standard metallographic preparation suite
Higher Temperature Tensile Testing (up to 1700℃, 10-4 torr)
Creep Test Frames (up to 2000℃, 10-8 torr)