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In recent years, metal additive manufacturing has evolved beyond rapid prototyping applications and is now used to manufacture a range of complex, high-performance engineering components. AM techniques are supremely versatile: as well as providing a means to produce geometrically complex pieces, they can provide an economic route for lower volume products and dramatically improve material utilization in expensive materials.

With AM technology improving rapidly, the pool of possible AM applications increases every day. H.C. Starck Solutions refractory metal powders are currently used to produce components for biomedical, propulsion and heat management systems, among others.

Materials and Specifications

We specialize in the production of refractory metal powders, in both pure and alloyed forms.

Typical properties of AM Powders
Property Unit Nb Mo Ta W
Purity % >99.95 >99.95 >99.95 >99.95
Mean Particle
Size D50
μm 20-30 20-30 20-30 20-30
D10/D90 μm 10/40 10/40 10/40 10/40
Bulk density g/cc 4 5 8 10
Hall Flow s/50g 14-16 8-10 5-9 5-8
Oxygen ppm 1500 400 300 250

Our customized portfolio includes a range of alloys, including tantalum alloys (Ta-3W, Ta-10W), molybdenum alloys (TZM, Mo-La, Mo-Re), tungsten alloys (WHA, W-Re), and niobium alloys (Nb C-103).
Our considerable R&D capabilities enable us to continuously develop new custom alloys and methods to solve customer problems. H.C. Starck Solutions refractory metal powders offer unique advantages:

  • High purity
  • High bulk density
  • Spherical or flake powder morphology
  • Exceptional flowability
  • Low oxygen content
  • PSD optimized for specific printing methods
  • Volumes from laboratory to production scale

With our unique understanding of refractory metals, we can help customers find the optimal materials and AM methods to meet their application requirements. To find out more about our high-performance powders for additive manufacturing, get in touch with a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team today.

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