Aerospace & Defense

The demands of the modern age are felt keenly in the aerospace and defense markets. Products must perform to stringent functional and regulatory standards; either guaranteeing the safety of operators or helping to combat threats in an efficient and ethical manner. H.C. Starck Solutions can help with these increasingly prevalent challenges in the world’s most competitive industries.

General Electric GEnx Aircraft Jet Engine

Component Fabrication & Semi-Finished Goods

H.C. Starck Solutions industry-leading development facility specializes in the manufacture of key components based on the most robust materials available, including molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, and their alloys. Myriad chemical arrangements are available on request, to satisfy unique customer requirements for material density, thermal or dielectric properties, and much more.

With unmatched expertise in the development of fragmentation parts and penetrators, H.C. Starck Solutions is an essential link in the supply chain of industry-leading munitions. The same specialty can be utilized to construct high-performance vibration dampers for balance control, maintaining passenger comfort during flights.

Aerospace & Defense Services

H.C. Starck Solutions is one of the world’s largest vertically-integrated manufacturers of refractories for aviation and defense engineering. Capabilities also exist to assist with key manufacturing stages downstream of materials development, including 3D screen printing, fast track heat management with refractory sheets and rods, and plating of various base substrates with functional alloys.

Explore these products and services in more detail below or contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team for more details.

Powders for 3D Printing
Biomedical Components, Propulsion, Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, MedicalMo, W, WHA, C103, pure Ta, NRC76, Ta10W, Ta3W, TZM, MoLa, WRePlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the ...
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Material processing for challenging applications often requires a novel solution. H.C. Starck Solutions highly qualified process engineers and developers have long been collaborating with customers to meet unique industry requirements with value-added resolutions. This has culminated in one of the core services on offer from H.C. Starck Solutions. Using high-purity ...
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Fast Track
Fast Track Service Offering Refractory metals in sheet and rod form, cut to customer requirements, at competitive pricing, excellent quality and customer service. A dedicated Sales and Materials prep team for quotations and shipments. Stock items and material dispatched within 3 days of order. One of the largest inventories of ...
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3D Screen Printing
Fast and efficient AM Method especially for small parts at high volumes. A UV-curable emulsion is used to create a pattern (mask) for ink/paste on a woven steel screen. Printing is done layer by layer pushing paste through the screen. Drying after each layer is necessary to provide a stable ...
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Balls / Spheres
Munition/Industrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsW, WHA, WCuPlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the customer requirements so please give as much information in the contact form as possible, ...
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H.C. Starck Solutions offers TA tubing and molybdenum tubes for producing quartz tubing and for quartz melting. Using its extrusion experience, H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates large diameter molybdenum tubing ideal for quartz melting vessels, mandrels and orifice plates. H.C. Starck Solutions has vast experience in the manufacturing and processing of ...
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Sheet / Plate / Foil
H.C. Starck Solutions tantalum sheet and foil are popular for chemical processing applications, where customers can convert it into lining for columns, vessels, tanks, reactors, parts for heat exchangers, and more. High Temperature ProcessingIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMo, Mo EBM, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNi, TZM, MP35N, MoLa, Nb, Stabil. Nb, ...
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Rod / Wire / Coil
High degree of biocompatibilitySuperconductivity, High Temperature Vacuum FurnaceIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Medical, Additive ManufacturingMo, Mo EBM, TZM, Nb, Nb EBM, Grain Stabl. Nb, Ta, Ta EBM, W, WHA, NRC76, Ultra 76, Ultra 76 Plus, Ta3W, Ta10W, C-103Please fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member ...
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Bar / Billet / Forging
The VAC method of consolidation is unique to H.C. Starck Solutions. Materials made by this process is available exclusively from H.C. Starck Solutions and yields a homogeneous product which is very low in residual elements, provides better strength at elevated temperatures and exhibits excellent work-ability, weld-ability and good machining characteristics.Feedstock ...
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H.C. Starck Solutions offers molybdenum Pellets as a consolidated form providing a particularly effective means of making molybdenum alloy additives. The molybdenum pellets are vacuum grade pressed and sintered with a molybdenum content of 99.8 % minimum.High Energy / Waste ContainmentIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMoPlease fill in the boxes ...
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Discs / Squares / Cubes
Contact material in silicon controlled rectifed diodes, transistors and thyristors.Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMo, Mo EBM, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNi, Ta, WcuPlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to ...
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Vibration Dampeners
All mechanical systems generate noise and vibration that can be detrimental to overall performance. It can be particularly problematic in aerospace and aviation engineering where the frequency and amplitude of vibrations generated by flight control systems can neither be eliminated nor isolated. Balance & Vibration ControlAerospace & DefenseWHAPlease fill in ...
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Plated and Stamped Components
High degree of biocompatibilitySemiconductor, Chemical Processing Equipment, Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Electronics, Aerospace & DefenseMo, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNiH.C. Starck Solutions electroplating capabilities add value to our thermal management components. We have one of the largest electroplating facilities specializing in ruthenium, rhodium, silver, gold, electroless and electrolytic nickel coatings. Various techniques are ...
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Kinetic energy munitions are ballistics that do not contain explosive components, relying instead on kinetic energy to penetrate targets. Extremely dense penetrator materials are required to successfully pierce thick armor plating, body armor, bulletproof glass, and other ballistics resistant components. H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates advanced penetrators in a range of ...
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High abrasion resistance due to high strength and hardness. High dimensional intergrity, providing a constant spraying cone. Good thermal shock resistance. Good chemical resistance. high abrasion resistance due to high strength and hardness high dimensional integrity,providing a constant spraying cone good thermal shock resistance good chemical resistance Propulsion, High Temperature ...
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Heat Sinks
High-temperature heat sinks are innovative devices that regulate the temperature of electronic systems. Low-power electronics typically use common and cost-efficient alloys that demonstrate good thermal conductivity. Aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu) are two of the most ubiquitous metals used in heat sink applications. They are ideal for their lightweight properties ...
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Forging Dies
High strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. High recrystallization temperature, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity.ForgingAerospace & DefenseMHC, TZM, MoLa,Please fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the customer ...
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Chemical Etched/Chemical Milled/Photo-Etched Parts
Molybdenum, by buffering silicon against damaging thermal expansion whilst providing a contact of low electrical and thermal resistance, has an important part to play in determining the reliability of semiconductor devices. By selecting appropriate surface coatings, the bulk properties of molybdenum can be used to full advantage without the problems ...
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Balance Weights
H.C. Starck Solutions high-density balance weights offer high performance, compact products for applications where space is at a premium. Based on tungsten heavy alloys with densities over 60% higher than lead’s, our balance weights empower manufacturers with small-form ballast for maximum weight in the smallest space. This allows for greater ...
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