High Temperature Processing


Industrial Processing


Mo30W, MoCu, TZM, MoTi, MoLa, MoW, Ta, EBM Ta, Ulta76, Ultra 76 Plus, TaW, W, (W, Ni, Fe)


Refractory furnace boats are widely employed to house intermediate or finished goods when they are subjected to high-temperature processes such as annealing and sintering. These containers are engineered for excellent dimensional stability, retaining their shape at ambient and process temperatures with good resistance to creep deformation to ensure long-service over multiple processing cycles in heat treatment applications.


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    H.C. Starck Solutions has almost 100 years’ experience in the development of furnace assemblies and components with superb refractory metals and alloys.

    H.C. Starck Solutions key materials in furnace boat manufacturing include, but are not limited to:

    • Pure Molybdenum (Mo) and alloys such as arc-cast molybdenum 30% tungsten (Mo30W), molybdenum-lanthanum (MoLa), molybdenum-tungsten (MoW), and titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (TZM).
    • Pure and electron beam melted (EBM) tantalum (Ta) and its alloys such as Ultra 76, Ultra 76 Plus, and tantalum-tungsten (TaW).
    • Tungsten (W).

    Refractory Furnace Boats for Thermal Processing

    Whether customers are looking to process large components in high-temperature vacuum furnaces, run large-volume production for brazing parts in inert atmosphere furnaces, or anneal highly-regulated end-products to critical specifications, H.C. Starck Solutions can provide value-added product solutions. With a wide choice of refractory metals and technical alloys available for manufacturing furnace boats to custom specifications and geometries, H.C. Starck Solutions can reliably provide containment products for thermal processing in a choice of demanding application areas.

    Molybdenum is the material of choice for furnace boat manufacturing, with exceptional retention of its mechanical properties at continuous annealing temperatures exceeding 800°C (1472°F). This applies for various molybdenum alloys, including specialty TZM. H.C. Starck Solutions designs furnace boats to satisfy specific application requirements and can provide novel material solutions with distinct considerations for low adhesion, abrasiveness, chemical cross-reactivity, and more.

    If you would like to discuss the fabrication of tailored furnace boats for your furnace application and design, simply contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team today with your query.