Radiation Management, Heat Management, Superconductivity


Medical, Industrial Processing


Ta, Ta EBM, W, WHA, Wcu, TZM


Dense refractory alloys are vital for the manufacture of radiation shielding parts in advanced medical equipment and industrial processing facilities. They serve the dual purpose of protecting patients or operating personnel alongside more sensitive components from intense electromagnetic radiation. H.C. Starck Solutions has developed a catalog of advanced shielding parts using high-density refractory metals and their alloys, including: tantalum (Ta), electron beam melted (EBM) tantalum, tungsten (W), tungsten heavy alloy (WHA), and titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (TZM).


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    H.C. Starck Solutions has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of advanced shielding parts for radiation and heat management, and superconductivity applications.

    Shielding Parts for High-Technology Applications

    The density of a material is an essential factor in its radiation absorption properties. Heavier metals like tantalum (with a density of ~16.6 g/cm3) and tungsten (~19.3g/cm3) are more effective at absorbing radiation across the full spectrum – including X-rays and infrared (IR) waves – than conventional structural materials. Yet, the inherent properties of these metals make them very difficult to fabricate into finished components with the tight tolerances required of high-technology applications.

    H.C. Starck Solutions has over 20 years’ experience in the field of manufacturing intricate components using high-performance refractory metals for the medical sector. Specializing in the generation of fabricated shielding parts for medical and industrial applications, H.C. Starck Solutions offers tailored radiation management solutions comprised of some of the heaviest metals on earth. These capabilities are buoyed by expertise in the fields of CNC grinding, milling, and lathe turning for numerous refractory material types. Final quality control processes guarantee that shielding parts are delivered within tight tolerances to customer specifications, with high capability inspection equipment ensuring highly uniform topographies with approximate resolutions of 0.1 – 1 micrometer (μm).

    H.C. Starck Solutions shielding parts made using tantalum, tungsten, and their alloys have already provided appreciable returns on investment (ROIs) to customers in demanding industrial processing applications, advanced medical technology sectors, and cutting-edge superconductivity markets. If you would like to learn more about H.C. Starck Solutions shielding parts, simply contact a member of the team today.