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Refractory alloys with high wear resistance and useful heat dissipation properties are widely used to fabricate bearing parts for advanced instrumentation. They serve the purpose of supporting and guiding spindles, axis, and other complex moving parts without succumbing to mechanical degradation due to friction.

H.C. Starck Solutions specializes in the fabrication of high-technology bearings and bearing parts using advanced metals and alloys, including molybdenum (Mo), electron-beam melted (EBM) molybdenum, and titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (TZM).

Among other applications, H.C. Starck Solutions generates advanced bearing parts for cutting-edge medical technology applications.

Bearing Parts for Radiation Management

X-ray imaging is a critical tool that intersects numerous fields of medical and healthcare services, from dentistry to veterinary medicine. Every medical system that uses X-rays to produce images of bone structures is built around a core device: The X-ray tube. This is used to convert an electrical input into a controllable source of X-radiation which occupies the electromagnetic spectrum from approximately 0.01 – 10 nanometers (nm).

Only a limited amount of energy supplied is successfully converted into X-rays, while the rest is converted into heat. To counteract potential thermal degradation of integral components in the X-ray tube, a rotating anode is used to dissipate process heat. This requires advanced bearings and bearing parts to continuously rotate an anode in the high vacuum (HV) of an X-ray tube, with 360° of motion.

H.C. Starck Solutions has over 20 years’ experience in the development of spiral grooved bearings using refractory metals and alloys. With exceptional wear-resistant and thermal conductivity properties, molybdenum and its alloys have successfully been applied for complex bearing assemblies in X-ray tubes. H.C. Starck Solutions unmatched experienced in cutting, tuning, and finishing fabricated refractory components also guarantees uniform tribological properties for limited friction and mechanical resistance. H.C. Starck Solutions bearings and bearing parts are subsequently well-equipped for long-service in X-ray imaging assemblies, with outstanding resistance to process G-forces, noise, temperature, rotational speeds, and vibration.

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