Chemical Processing Equipment


Industrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics


Mo, Mo EBM, Mo30W, TZM, MoLa, Nb, Grain stabil. Nb, Nb EBM, Ta, Ta EBM, NRC, Ultra 76, Ultra 76 Plus, W


H.C. Starck Solutions offers TA tubing and molybdenum tubes for producing quartz tubing and for quartz melting. Using its extrusion experience, H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates large diameter molybdenum tubing ideal for quartz melting vessels, mandrels and orifice plates.

H.C. Starck Solutions has vast experience in the manufacturing and processing of high performance materials, including molybdenum and their alloys. These advanced materials play a key role in the glass industry’s challenging applications in feeding, melting, homogenizing, and shaping of glass products.


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