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Mo, Mo EBM, TZM, MoLa, Ta, Ta EBM, W


Sintering trays are durable base components used to retain raw powder materials as they undergo the process of fusing together at elevated temperatures. Various sintering techniques are prescribed based on the material under development.


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    Technical ceramics may be generated under pressurized conditions in an inert environment to ensure full densification and homogeneity of the green body, while sintering of most metallic powders can typically be conducted under atmospheric pressures with a catalytic gas. H.C. Starck Solutions specializes in the fabrication of sturdy sintering trays suitable for various furnace architectures.

    With almost 100 years’ experience in the supply of superb, pure and alloyed refractory materials, H.C. Starck Solutions offers high-performance sintering trays suitable for high-temperature material processing in a range of conditions.

    Refractory Sintering Trays

    Sintering is conducted to fuse fine particles of a material into a singular solid mass by elevating the temperature of the powder to the point at which atoms begin to diffuse across particle boundaries. This causes fusion without causing the material to melt. Refractory metals and alloys are ideal for manufacturing sintering trays due to their exceptional thermodynamic properties.

    H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates sintering trays to custom geometries, using a range of high-performance refractory materials. These include:

    • Pure molybdenum (Mo) and electron beam melted (EBM) molybdenum, alongside its alloys molybdenum-lanthanum (MoLa) and titanium-zirconium-molybdenum (TZM).
    • Tantalum (Ta) in both standard and EBM formats.
    • Tungsten (W).

    These materials can be manipulated to demonstrate superior mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, guaranteeing high-purity conditions for chemically-sensitive sintering operations. H.C. Starck Solutions can provide sintering trays using each of these high-performance refractories for high-temperature furnaces operating in vacuum, reducing, or inert atmospheric conditions.

    If you have any queries about the most suitable material for your sintering application, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team today.