Our Service Portfolio

3D Screen Printing


Fast and efficient AM Method especially for small parts at high volumes.

  • A UV-curable emulsion is used to create a pattern (mask) for ink/paste on a woven steel screen.
  • Printing is done layer by layer pushing paste through the screen.
  • Drying after each layer is necessary to provide a stable base for the next layer.
  • A sintering step is done to achieve final properties.

3D Printing


Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, has been discovered as a real “game changer” because it opens completely new possibilities for many industries. The innovative technology leads to entirely new ways of manufacturing custom-made components and highly complex elements that have been unthinkable to produce with conventional technologies before.

Electron Beam Melting


A number one priority for H.C. Starck Solutions is our contribution to the environment. To advance our sustainability development, we offer customers the unique service of recycling spent or used products through our electron beam melting (EBM) furnace.



Our range of flexibility encompasses almost any size and near-net-shape in almost any metal you can imagine. One of the few suppliers worldwide able to extrude pipe with integral flanges. Efficient use of materials, close attention to quality and a flexible production program mean that we can often deliver a first class product precisely to customer specifications in as little as two weeks after receipt of order. integrated supply package, where we can procure the material, make the billet, extrude it and finish it for market.

Fast Track


  • Refractory metals in sheet and rod form, cut to customer requirements, at competitive pricing, excellent quality and customer service.
  • A dedicated Sales and Materials prep team for quotations and shipments.
  • Stock items and material dispatched within 3 days of order.
  • One of the largest inventories of refractory materials supported by H.C. Starck‘s global supply chain.
  • Enquiries quoted within 24 hours for stock material. Non-stock items quoted using our global supply chain.

Hot and Cold Rolling


Material processing can often be challenging, especially when working with refractory metals. H.C. Starck’s expertise in powder metallurgy and material processing make us excellent partners for assisting you with your material processing.

H.C. Starck’s highly qualified Process Engineers and Production Developers are available to help resolve material processing issues with our hot and cold rolling technology.



Accountability and sustainability are entrenched in H.C. Starck’s company values, with a commitment to resource conservation and ethical manufacturing processes. H.C. Starck is consistently ahead of the curve with regards to recycling technology. Almost half of the company’s raw materials come from in-house recycling processes, including demanding refractory metals and technical ceramics.

Rotary Forging


High fabricating efficiency and the lowest possible reject rate are essential when working with expensive, high-performance materials. H.C. Starck has an advanced process for precision forging that saves costs, materials, waste, and time.

Design, Modelling, Simulation


H.C. Starck operates a proprietary range of design, modeling, and simulation services founded on over 100 years’ experience in materials processing and custom engineering. This development process bridges the company’s unmatched expertise with customer design and manufacturing processes. Industry needs can be addressed with absolute confidence, with enhanced modeling and simulations providing quantitative insights into material properties under processing conditions. This feeds back to the design process, providing actionable insights to optimize quality assurance and control processes.



Material processing for challenging applications often requires a novel solution. H.C. Starck Solutions highly qualified process engineers and developers have long been collaborating with customers to meet unique industry requirements with value-added resolutions. This has culminated in one of the core services on offer from H.C. Starck Solutions. Using high-purity molybdenum (Mo) as a base material, H.C. Starck Solutions routinely generates composite plates using a choice of electrodeposited metals, including:

  • Precious metals like gold (Au) and silver (Ag).
  • Transition metals like nickel (Ni), rhodium (Rh, and ruthenium (Ru).

Spray Drying


Spray drying is a critical process in the generation of high-performance thermal spray powders for various end-use applications. It is key in ensuring the homogeneity and uniformity of metal powders intended for deposition onto a wide range of substrates in a semi-molten state. Each of these properties is a vital metric in the eventual functionality of deposited coatings. The performance of automotive components, heat management systems, and numerous other products can stem back to this preparatory stage of raw material processing.