The Fabricated Products (FPR) division turns technology metal powders into customer-specific semi-finished and finished components through extrusion, sintering, rolling, melting, thermomechanical processing, and surface treatment. Many of the technology metal powders we use, especially tungsten and tantalum, are recycled materials that we process in-house.

FPR targets fast growing markets

The target markets of the Fabricated Products division are electronics, industrial components, chemical processing, aerospace, and medical technology. Our primary products are tantalum and molybdenum sputter targets for the manufacture of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, and GPS, thin films for solar energy, and coatings for optical lenses; molybdenum-tungsten crucibles for LED production; tantalum and tungsten for corrosion resistant applications in oil and gas exploration, and chemical processing, tungsten balance weights for aircraft and helicopters; molybdenum and tungsten components for radiology, computer tomography, and radiotherapy devices; molybdenum and tungsten for high temperature furnace applications, glass-melting electrodes made of molybdenum, and specially processed alloy additives for the steel industry.

The FPR division’s six production plants are located in the US, Great Britain, Germany, and China.