Accountability and sustainability are entrenched in H.C. Starck’s company values, with a commitment to resource conservation and ethical manufacturing processes. H.C. Starck is consistently ahead of the curve with regards to recycling technology. Almost half of the company’s raw materials come from in-house recycling processes, including demanding refractory metals and technical ceramics.

Using specialist processes, H.C. Starck can reliably re-process powdered metals, semi-finished goods, and unfinished compounds even after they have served standard and proprietary customer purposes. These can be channeled back into the material cycle with limited quantity losses and little-to-no detrimental impact on quality.

Recycling is one of H.C. Starck’s core competencies, falling in line with the company’s overarching commitment to environmental protection, energy savings, and waste avoidance. Alongside these unmatched re-processing capabilities, H.C. Starck continually strives to optimize all production processes to improve overarching energy-efficiency and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Industrial Recycling Expertise

H.C. Starck runs a “closed-loop” recycling program based on decades of expertise in material development and application. This enables practically all materials generated and supplied by H.C. Starck to be recycled through a closed reuse loop. Blanks, components, powders, and compounds can be re-processed and finished, retaining their as-reclaimed properties, often through multiple recycling cycles.

There are myriad benefits to H.C. Starck’s closed-loop recycling concept. It is economically and environmentally beneficial, providing high-quality parts with comparable properties to their virgin counterparts. This is a cost-effective technique for refractory metal powders, reducing the reliance on raw materials with volatile supply chains and fluctuating prices. Supply chain security is assured, with H.C. Starck’s closed-loop recycling services.

H.C. Starck offers fair and reliable recycling services, with transparent assessments of reclaimed materials and a fully-compliant approach to waste processing with respect to international and European legislation. If you need any more information about H.C. Starck’s closed-loop recycling service, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.


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