AM, Thermal management



Mo, W, Specific alloys?, C103, pure Ta, NRC76, Ta10W, Spherical


Spherical powder morphology, Exceptional flowability, Excellent reproducibility, High purity levels.

H.C. Starck’s AM powder and wire feedstock offers world class quality and performance with perfectly tailored properties suited for all relevant AM methods.


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    Our Feedstock Solutions

    H.C. Starck Solutions innovative powder and wire manufacturing technology coupled with our vertically integrated supply chain and metallurgical expertise ensures the highest quality materials for demanding applications and environments. Our advanced technological processes enable us to customize our refractory metal feedstock to precise requirements

    achieving outstanding material properties and optimum performance for additive manufacturing.

    Our Powder Advantage

    H.C. Starck Solutions powders are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of additive manufacturing technologies. Their properties exceed traditional production

    specifications and offer:

    • High purity
    • High bulk density
    • Spherical powder morphology
    • Exceptional flowability
    • Low oxygen
    • PSD optimized for specific printing methods

    Also include content from the Brochure “Refractory Metal Powders for Additive Manufacturing”