Material processing for challenging applications often requires a novel solution. H.C. Starck Solutions highly qualified process engineers and developers have long been collaborating with customers to meet unique industry requirements with value-added resolutions. This has culminated in one of the core services on offer from H.C. Starck Solutions. Using high-purity molybdenum (Mo) as a base material, H.C. Starck Solutions routinely generates composite plates using a choice of electrodeposited metals, including:

  • Precious metals like gold (Au) and silver (Ag).
  • Transition metals like nickel (Ni), rhodium (Rh, and ruthenium (Ru).

H.C. Starck Solutions plating service exploits the exceptional thermodynamic properties of molybdenum, including its high strength and stiffness under refractory conditions. It is one of the highest performing substrate materials for plating in aerospace and defense, electronics, and industrial processing applications, benefitting from exceptional adherence with deposited metal coatings. H.C. Starck Solutions molybdenum plates can withstand extremely high temperatures without softening or expanding, enabling the functional coating to retain its desired characteristics throughout operating conditions.

The challenge of electroplating on molybdenum substrates is the material’s relatively high reactivity with other metals. This can result in the generation of undesirable oxides that inhibit adhesion between the substrate and the coating material. H.C. Starck Solutions has a wealth of experience in design and engineering with challenging refractories, including molybdenum and its alloys. These problems can subsequently be overcome with confidence, ensuring uniform functional coatings of high-performance molybdenum substrates for sectors as challenging as semiconductor and chemical processing.

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