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Kinetic energy munitions are ballistics that do not contain explosive components, relying instead on kinetic energy to penetrate targets. Extremely dense penetrator materials are required to successfully pierce thick armor plating, body armor, bulletproof glass, and other ballistics resistant components. H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates advanced penetrators in a range of geometries suitable for high-performance ordnance and munitions.


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    Military and defense contractors historically used depleted uranium to manufacture armor piercing penetrators. These components can withstand the shock of impacting hard protective plates and reliably punch through to the safe side. However, the toxic footprint of depleted uranium armor piercing rounds is one of the most severe forms of environmental pollution generated in fields of war.

    H.C. Starck Solutions exploits decades worth of experience in refractory fabrication to provide high-performance, low toxicity solutions for critical applications in aerospace and defense.

    Tungsten Heavy Alloy Penetrators

    Tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) is routinely used to fabricate armor-piercing penetrators with greatly-enhanced strength and none of the toxic concerns associated with depleted uranium rounds. High-density tungsten offers the maximum concentrated weight in the smallest possible volume. It is twice as heavy as standard steel alloys and over 50% heavier than lead (Pb). This enables the fabrication of armor-piercing penetrators for munitions and warheads alike.

    Aerospace and defense applications have increasingly utilized tungsten heavy alloy in novel penetrator and warhead designs that can enhance lethality. If you would like to learn more about H.C. Starck Solutions penetrators for aerospace and defense applications, simply contact the team today.