To meet the rapidly growing demands of the medical device market, H.C. Starck Solutions works closely with customers to develop unique and innovative products per individual specifications. With over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing refractory materials for highly-regulated applications, H.C. Starck Solutions is uniquely equipped to deliver materials and products that exceed the stringent quality standards of today’s medical industry.

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Medical Materials Fabrication

H.C. Starck Solutions key competency is in the development and fabrication of custom, high-performance parts for integration into high technology equipment. With an extensive understanding of the most desirable engineering refractories on earth, H.C. Starck Solutions continues to push the letter of material innovation through partnerships with industry-leading customers in medical technologies.

The unique properties of H.C. Starck Solutions anti-scatter grids, bearing parts, and collimators are uniquely suited for radiation management and isotope shielding in advanced diagnostics equipment and X-ray technologies. This has proven instrumental for a new generation of medical techniques in the radiation therapy market. Advanced material solutions are also increasingly being adopted for use in cutting-edge biomedical components and implants. H.C. Starck Solutions is primly positioned to assist in the grueling stages of R&D to provide suitable material solutions for tomorrow’s medical solutions.

Medical Solutions

H.C. Starck Solutions is partnered with industry-leaders in medical device manufacturing from around the world, combining advanced material know-how with industry-leading expertise. The result is a secure and ethical supply chain of the world’s most advanced refractories for one of its most crucial technology markets.

Browse these products and services in more detail below or contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team directly if you would like to learn more.

Powders for 3D Printing
Biomedical Components, Propulsion, Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, MedicalMo, W, WHA, C103, pure Ta, NRC76, Ta10W, Ta3W, TZM, MoLa, WRePlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the ...
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3D Screen Printing
Fast and efficient AM Method especially for small parts at high volumes. A UV-curable emulsion is used to create a pattern (mask) for ink/paste on a woven steel screen. Printing is done layer by layer pushing paste through the screen. Drying after each layer is necessary to provide a stable ...
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Rod / Wire / Coil
High degree of biocompatibilitySuperconductivity, High Temperature Vacuum FurnaceIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Medical, Additive ManufacturingMo, Mo EBM, TZM, Nb, Nb EBM, Grain Stabl. Nb, Ta, Ta EBM, W, WHA, NRC76, Ultra 76, Ultra 76 Plus, Ta3W, Ta10W, C-103Please fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member ...
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Bar / Billet / Forging
The VAC method of consolidation is unique to H.C. Starck Solutions. Materials made by this process is available exclusively from H.C. Starck Solutions and yields a homogeneous product which is very low in residual elements, provides better strength at elevated temperatures and exhibits excellent work-ability, weld-ability and good machining characteristics.Feedstock ...
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Shielding Parts / Radiation Shielding
Dense refractory alloys are vital for the manufacture of radiation shielding parts in advanced medical equipment and industrial processing facilities. They serve the dual purpose of protecting patients or operating personnel alongside more sensitive components from intense electromagnetic radiation. H.C. Starck Solutions has developed a catalog of advanced shielding parts ...
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Isotope Containers
WHM alloys can be used as a replacement for the traditional lead alloy because of their stronger absorptive effect. This allows the production of corresponding isotope containers and other components in a more compact way.Radiation ManagementMedical, Industrial ProcessingW, WHAPlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member ...
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Collimators/Anti scatter grids
Collimators, or anti-scatter grids, are critical components for radiation management in computerized tomography (CT) scanning. They are typically manufactured using dense refractory metals and alloys such as tungsten (W) and tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) due to the materials’ superb attenuation characteristics for X-radiation – the chief wavelength range used to ...
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Chemical Etched/Chemical Milled/Photo-Etched Parts
Molybdenum, by buffering silicon against damaging thermal expansion whilst providing a contact of low electrical and thermal resistance, has an important part to play in determining the reliability of semiconductor devices. By selecting appropriate surface coatings, the bulk properties of molybdenum can be used to full advantage without the problems ...
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Bearing Parts
Radiation ManagementMedicalMo, EBM Mo, TZMRefractory alloys with high wear resistance and useful heat dissipation properties are widely used to fabricate bearing parts for advanced instrumentation. They serve the purpose of supporting and guiding spindles, axis, and other complex moving parts without succumbing to mechanical degradation due to friction. H.C. Starck ...
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