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65 Employees

Our experience

> 10 years

Our site

5,150 m²

Our Key Materials & Markets


Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Medical Technology

Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Industrial / Furnace

Tungsten Copper
La-doped Molybdenum
Molybdenum TZM

Product Examples

Our Key Equipment

Cold Isostatic Pressing

Our Cold Isostatic Press offers following capabilities:

  • Bladder containment, 1.4m effective diameter, 4.65m depth, 248mpa
  • Used to consolidate tungsten and tungsten alloy

High Temperature Sintering

Our high-temperature Sintering Furnaces offer following capabilities:

  • Pure tungsten susceptor, 500KW, High Temperature (2,300°C) Sintering Furnace, 3,000kg
  • Sintering ingots and blanks for machining


Our waterjet cutting equipment is capable of cutting down to 0.13mm thick parts, including tungsten and molybdenum. Its 650mpa pressure allows for faster cutting than conventional waterjet machines.

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