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150 Employees

Our experience

> 70 years

Our site

20,300 m²

Our Key Materials & Markets

Electronics (Semiconductors)

High Purity Tantalum

Chemicals & Superconductors

NRC 76™
Ultra 76 Plus

Aerospace & Defense

Niobium C-103

Materials We Use

Product Examples

Our Key Equipment

Electron Beam Melting

A number one priority for H.C. Starck Solutions is our contribution to the environment. To advance our sustainability development, we offer customers the unique service of recycling spent or used products through our electron beam melting (EBM) furnace.

Our EBM furnace in Newton comes equipped with four electron beam guns to melt material at 3,300 degrees Celsius in a vacuum environment boiling off impurities. This allows us to achieve purity levels of less than 1,000 ppm.

Cold Rolling

Our large cold rolling operation goes through several annealing/rolling cycles applying 3 million pounds of force to transform thick “sheetbars” into plate. We are capable of rolling to aluminum foil type thicknesses utilizing large, intermediate, and small mills.

Tube Fabrication

  • Manufactured coiled strips are rolled through a series of progressive dies into tubes with seams TIG welded
  • Ability to achieve very tight and uniform thickness and diameter tolerances

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