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135 Employees

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> 50 years

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6,000 m²

Our Key Materials & Markets

Medical Technology

Tungsten Heavy Alloy
Tungsten Copper

Industrial Applications

Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Glass Melting


Product Examples

Our Key Equipment

Electron Beam Melting

A number one priority for H.C. Starck Solutions is our contribution to the environment. To advance our sustainability development, we offer customers the unique service of recycling spent or used products through our electron beam melting (EBM) furnace.

Our electron beam melting furnace in Hermsdorf has two electron beam guns to heat material (Mo, Ta, Nb) to 3,000 degrees Celsius. First and second melt capabilities achieve highest purities.


Our EDM equipment allows us to finish machine rolled WHA sheet, pure tungsten sheet, Mo parts for the medical industry and WHA blocks for medical and industrial applications. We achieve the highest levels of precision and detail.

CNC Grinding

Our CNC grinding equipment allows us to achieve highest precision parts with industry-leading tolerances below one micron. This is especially critical for our molybdenum parts for the medical industry.

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