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Others at customer request

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Electro-Plating & Etching
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Fast Track

A dedicated Sales and Materials prep team providing the customer with 24 hour quoting for stock material and shipment within 3 days from receipt of order. Non-stock requests are quoted using our global supply chain and we offer one of the largest inventories of refractory materials available at competitive prices with excellent customer service.

Customers who have a requirement for large quantities of material in sheet, rod or bar form on a more regular basis or as semi-finished product can also be supplied via Fast Track as we are supported by H.C. Starck Solutions’ global supply chain.

Service Offering


With a world class dedicated electroplating facility, the current chemistry gives us the capability to plate pieces made from molybdenum, tungsten, and copper but this can be expanded where opportunity exists for other material requirements.

To enhance molybdenum’s ability to perform, we offer the industries approved plated surfaces:

  • Nickel – Higher temperature brazing attachment. Primer layer for Gold & Silver.
  • Nickel phosphorus
  • Silver – Low temperature solder attachment.
  • Gold – Ultra Sonic Welding. Brazing attachment Nickel Oxide & Acid Etch protective layer.
  • Rhodium – Pressure contact Hard Coating friction reducing layer.
  • Ruthenium – as per Rhodium, customer driven preference.

within 0.1µm specification

within 0.1µm specification

within 3µm specification across a Jig Size 600mm x 300mm up to 10µm thickness

Electroless Ni
within 1µm specification across a Jig Size 600mm x 300mm up to 30µm thickness

Gold and Silver
within 3µm specification across a Jig Size 600mm x 300mm up to 10µm thickness


5 microns over 150mm diameter and 2 microns in lapping

Lapping Capabilities
Molybdenum to within 2-5µm in flatness, diameter 20-150mm


Our welding chamber for product line fabrication has the dimensions of L 1200 x H 650 x D500mm. The vacuum chamber is pumped down to a high vacuum and then filled with argon to create an atmosphere of c5ppm of oxygen to stop any oxidization occurring when welding.


  • Furnace Parts
  • Heat Shields
  • Hot Zone Replacement Parts
  • Tantalum Hot Zones

Benefits of an oxygen & nitrogen free welding environment

  • Prevention of oxidization
  • Reduction of fume formation
  • Smooth weld seams
  • Avoidance of post-welding treatment


  • Tantalum
  • Molybdenum
  • Niobium
  • Others by request

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