High strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. High recrystallization temperature, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity.




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    Forging Dies

    When strength and durability are of upmost importance for aircraft low and high-pressure turbine blades, vanes, discs, hubs and rings, H.C. Starck’s superior molybdenum TZM and MHC alloys are the perfect solution. These alloys offer improved forging performance in the production of isothermal forging and diffusion bonding dies. With H.C. Starck’s exceptional metallurgical and processing expertise, we deliver the highest quality molybdenum alloys required for critical aircraft jet engines applications.

    H.C. Starck’s Forging Die Advantage

    We partner with customers to develop products including build-to-print components and we offer design assistance in machining molybdenum alloy materials.

    • We supply pressed and sintered, as-forged or fully machined blanks
    • Our large sizes in cylindrical or rectangular shapes fulfill current industry requirements
    • Finite element modeling of the high-temperature forging process
    • Capability to customize our TZM and MHC alloys to meet specific performance requirements
    • 25+ years supplying isothermal die components
    • Exclusive vacuum arc-casting process capabilities

    Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum (TZM) Alloy

    H.C. Starck’s molybdenum TZM alloy (0.50 Ti, 0.08 Zr, Bal Mo) is consolidated by either the powder metallurgy or our unique vacuum arc-casting processes. The titanium and zirconium carbides increase strength and creep resistance at elevated temperatures. The use of TZM also enables higher service temperatures without loss of strength in comparison to pure molybdenum.

    Molybdenum-Hafnium-Carbide (MHC) Alloy

    Our molybdenum MHC alloy contains molybdenum and hafnium carbide, which is consolidated by our exclusive powder metallurgy process. The high recrystallization temperature, high strength, low thermal expansion, and high thermal conductivity of this alloy makes it ideally suited for die applications.

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