Success in today’s competitive electronics market relies on a sound foundation of materials innovation and expertise. With a practice-centered approach and unmatched proficiency in high-performance material engineering, H.C. Starck offers ground-up solutions to support an ever-growing electronics industry.

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Electronics Fabrication

With state-of-the-art engineering facilities, H.C. Starck Solutions can furnish customers with unique material solutions for foundational R&D and electronics product manufacturing. Specializing in the fabrication of essential intermediate products for the development of semiconductors and thin film structures, H.C. Starck Solutions offers: sputtering targets based on more than 10 distinct chemical arrangements, high-performance crucibles that remain inert at high temperatures, ultra-precise photo-etched components, and more.

Semi-Finished Products

Alongside proprietary fabrication services, H.C. Starck Solutions can also provide high volumes of semi-finished parts for both general and advanced electronics applications. A vast selection of pure metals and alloys are available in various geometries to suit countless customer specifications. Molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, tungsten, and their alloys are among the core elements H.C. Starck offers in a robust catalog of unfinished goods – although this is merely a selection of the many materials on offer.

Electronics Services

H.C. Starck Solutions will assist in electronics manufacturing and development with a choice of downstream services, from additive manufacturing and 3D screen printing to semiconductor plating. With unmatched material know-how and a secure, sustainable supply chain, H.C. Starck Solutions is well-equipped to help with any challenge in the electronics market.

Browse these products and services in more detail below or contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team directly if you would like to learn more.

Powders for 3D Printing
Biomedical Components, Propulsion, Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, MedicalMo, W, WHA, C103, pure Ta, NRC76, Ta10W, Ta3W, TZM, MoLa, WRePlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the ...
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Material processing for challenging applications often requires a novel solution. H.C. Starck Solutions highly qualified process engineers and developers have long been collaborating with customers to meet unique industry requirements with value-added resolutions. This has culminated in one of the core services on offer from H.C. Starck Solutions. Using high-purity ...
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Our range of flexibility encompasses almost any size and near-net-shape in almost any metal you can imagine. One of the few suppliers worldwide able to extrude pipe with integral flanges. Efficient use of materials, close attention to quality and a flexible production program mean that we can often deliver a ...
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3D Screen Printing
Fast and efficient AM Method especially for small parts at high volumes. A UV-curable emulsion is used to create a pattern (mask) for ink/paste on a woven steel screen. Printing is done layer by layer pushing paste through the screen. Drying after each layer is necessary to provide a stable ...
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Balls / Spheres
Munition/Industrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsW, WHA, WCuPlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to the customer requirements so please give as much information in the contact form as possible, ...
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High Performance Powders
As a world leader in the development and manufacture of high-performance metal powders, H.C. Starck Solutions offers one of the most comprehensive and robust product portfolios ever assembled. With a mastery of metallurgic processing and unsurpassed technical expertise, H.C. Starck Solutions can reliably meet and exceed customer expectations and market ...
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H.C. Starck Solutions offers TA tubing and molybdenum tubes for producing quartz tubing and for quartz melting. Using its extrusion experience, H.C. Starck Solutions fabricates large diameter molybdenum tubing ideal for quartz melting vessels, mandrels and orifice plates. H.C. Starck Solutions has vast experience in the manufacturing and processing of ...
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Sheet / Plate / Foil
H.C. Starck Solutions tantalum sheet and foil are popular for chemical processing applications, where customers can convert it into lining for columns, vessels, tanks, reactors, parts for heat exchangers, and more. High Temperature ProcessingIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMo, Mo EBM, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNi, TZM, MP35N, MoLa, Nb, Stabil. Nb, ...
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Rod / Wire / Coil
High degree of biocompatibilitySuperconductivity, High Temperature Vacuum FurnaceIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Medical, Additive ManufacturingMo, Mo EBM, TZM, Nb, Nb EBM, Grain Stabl. Nb, Ta, Ta EBM, W, WHA, NRC76, Ultra 76, Ultra 76 Plus, Ta3W, Ta10W, C-103Please fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member ...
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Bar / Billet / Forging
The VAC method of consolidation is unique to H.C. Starck Solutions. Materials made by this process is available exclusively from H.C. Starck Solutions and yields a homogeneous product which is very low in residual elements, provides better strength at elevated temperatures and exhibits excellent work-ability, weld-ability and good machining characteristics.Feedstock ...
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H.C. Starck Solutions offers molybdenum Pellets as a consolidated form providing a particularly effective means of making molybdenum alloy additives. The molybdenum pellets are vacuum grade pressed and sintered with a molybdenum content of 99.8 % minimum.High Energy / Waste ContainmentIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMoPlease fill in the boxes ...
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Discs / Squares / Cubes
Contact material in silicon controlled rectifed diodes, transistors and thyristors.Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Aerospace & Defense, ElectronicsMo, Mo EBM, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNi, Ta, WcuPlease fill in the boxes on the contact form and a member of the team will contact you directly for a quotation. Each quotation will be unique to ...
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Sputtering Targets
High purity, texture and grain size controlled, high density & low defects. H.C. Starck Solutions is well-known as a major international producer of tantalum products for the electronic, semiconductor and industrial markets.Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display, Other ElectronicsElectronicsTa, Mo, Mo EBM, DynaMo, MoTi, MoNb, MoW, Arc-cast Mo, coated Mo, Nb Standard, ...
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Plated and Stamped Components
High degree of biocompatibilitySemiconductor, Chemical Processing Equipment, Heat ManagementIndustrial Processing, Electronics, Aerospace & DefenseMo, CuMoCu, MoCu, NiMoNiH.C. Starck Solutions electroplating capabilities add value to our thermal management components. We have one of the largest electroplating facilities specializing in ruthenium, rhodium, silver, gold, electroless and electrolytic nickel coatings. Various techniques are ...
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Heat Sinks
High-temperature heat sinks are innovative devices that regulate the temperature of electronic systems. Low-power electronics typically use common and cost-efficient alloys that demonstrate good thermal conductivity. Aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu) are two of the most ubiquitous metals used in heat sink applications. They are ideal for their lightweight properties ...
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Chemical Etched/Chemical Milled/Photo-Etched Parts
Molybdenum, by buffering silicon against damaging thermal expansion whilst providing a contact of low electrical and thermal resistance, has an important part to play in determining the reliability of semiconductor devices. By selecting appropriate surface coatings, the bulk properties of molybdenum can be used to full advantage without the problems ...
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Low thermal creep, low reactivity with melt (contamination), high temperature strength, good thermal conductivity. excellent thermal shock and corrosion resistance very low wettability of non ferrous metal melts increased productivity reduction of machine down time Semiconductor, Chemical Processing EquipmentElectronics, Industrial ProcessingMo, TZM, MoLa, Ta, WPlease fill in the boxes on ...
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