There are many reasons for our company’s success. In addition to our competencies, we expect a high sense of responsibility of all our employees. Our goal is to increase the company value and to achieve a higher added value in the interest of all stakeholders.

This goal is ingrained in the general framework, including legal parameters, social responsibility, Responsible Care, sustainable environmental protection, production and product safety, high productivity, optimal economic efficiency and customer orientation. As a globally operating company, H.C. Starck is exposed to public scrutiny and always abides by the rule of law. H.C. Starck would like to preserve and promote its good image.

Our business practice is in line with the legal systems of the various countries and regions in which we operate, with the rules of co-existence and the ethical standards which the company and its employees respect in Germany and abroad. Recognizing and fulfilling obligations is not always straightforward, but nevertheless vital.

The current Code of Conduct covers particularly important areas of responsibility. It encourages employees to seek advice when in doubt. Superiors or specialized departments are available to give counsel. This is necessary especially when others could be disadvantaged, personal harm threatens, having to handle a high risk or when the legal situation is unclear.