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Mo, W, WHA, WCu


Collimators, or anti-scatter grids, are critical components for radiation management in computerized tomography (CT) scanning. They are typically manufactured using dense refractory metals and alloys such as tungsten (W) and tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) due to the materials’ superb attenuation characteristics for X-radiation – the chief wavelength range used to generate detailed CT scans.


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    With unmatched experience in the fabrication of high-technology parts using refractory metals and alloys, like tungsten and molybdenum (Mo), H.C. Starck Solutions can reliably produce and supply collimators for radiation management in CT scanners and radiotherapy applications.

    Collimators for Radiation Management

    Collimators manage radiation by either focusing an X-ray source into a manageable, parallel beam of rays that is directed onto an area of interest, or by absorbing scattered rays before they enter photodetectors. Lead (Pb) and depleted uranium have been used in the past, but tungsten has emerged as the ideal replacement for multi-leaf collimators in radiation therapy beam focusing and detector plates in CT scanners for a number of reasons.

    Tungsten is a remarkable metal with a notably high density (~19.3g/cm3), which makes it suited for radiation shielding in complex medical apparatuses. It is widely used in the medical diagnostics market to fabricate collimators for both beam focusing and CT scanner assemblies. The outstanding mechanical properties complicate its workability, however, and the fabrication of multi-leaf tungsten collimators requires significant experience in precision machining and tolerancing of refractory metal parts.  

    H.C. Starck Solutions fabricated products and services are routinely supplied as robust solutions for intricate challenges in the medical technology sector. With high capability inspection equipment and unmatched expertise in working dense metals like tungsten, H.C. Starck Solutions has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of collimators for CT scanning and radiotherapy applications. All fabricated components can be rapidly and reliably finished, with a contact-free quality assurance and control process guaranteeing components are form fit with a resolution of approximately 0.1 – 1 micrometer (μm).

    If you would like more information about H.C. Starck Solutions collimators, please do not hesitate to contact the team today.

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