Tungsten manufacturing is a challenging process. The refractory metal is one of the toughest materials known to man with a greater density than lead (19.3 g/cm3) and the highest melting point of any metal in the periodic table (3422°C). So, how do tungsten manufacturers go about refining the metal and converting it into finished parts?

Tungsten Manufacturers: What Sets H.C. Starck Solutions Apart?

H.C. Starck Solutions is one of the world’s foremost tungsten manufacturers, with decades of experience delivering high-performance tungsten alloys for customers across the full spectrum of science and industry.

Our prestige in the field of tungsten manufacturing stems back to the 1960s and the construction of a flat-rolled refractory metal plant in Euclid, Ohio, on the aptly named Tungsten Road. Since then, we have also established the Tungsten Center of Excellence in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, to meet the growing demands for tungsten heavy alloy (WHA) products in China.

We cannot speak for other tungsten manufacturers, as the process of refining tungsten powders and forming near-net shapes varies from business-to-business. What follows is a few insights into how we go about producing quality-assured powder feedstocks, precision intermediate products, and high-performance finish goods.

Tungsten Powders

Powdered metal tungsten is the primary raw material used in tungsten alloys and powder metallurgy (PM) processing of various finished goods (tungsten plate, rod, tube, wire, etc.). We source conflict-free tungsten powders from strategic partners who champion sustainable processing by deriving many raw materials from recycling. Our partners are also DFARS compliant.

Pure Tungsten Flat Product

The high melting point of tungsten makes it challenging to work and cast via conventional ingot metallurgical techniques. At H.C. Starck Solutions, we produce tungsten foil, plate, and sheet from pressed and sintered PM ingots which are hot or warm rolled to desired widths and thicknesses. Purities extend up to 99.95% for these flat products.

Our Taicang Plant has recently been furnished with large cold isostatic pressing and high-temperature sintering furnaces equipped with a tungsten susceptors. Hence our tungsten powder metallurgy capabilities are practically unmatched.

Tungsten Finished Parts

One of our core competencies as tungsten manufacturers is in custom-built finished parts for an ever-growing range of market segments. This extends from WHA balance weights for aircrafts through to pure tungsten sheet collimators for radiation management. How these are manufactured varies from part-to-part. Browse our products by material if you would like a deeper insight into the wide range of finished tungsten and tungsten alloy parts that we routinely manufacture for trusted partners.

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Tungsten manufacturing is challenging, but the H.C. Starck Solutions team is built on a secure global supply chain and excellence across the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region. If you want more information about our tungsten manufacturing credentials, why not contact a member of the team today.