H.C. Starck Solutions is thrilled to be an exhibitor at the upcoming Semicon Taiwan show in Taipei, Taiwan September 23-25, 2020.

Semicon Taiwan is “not just a platform that connects Taiwan and global microelectronics ecosystems, but also a bridge that facilitates smooth collaboration between the industry, the government, the academia, and research institutions”. Semicon Taiwan leads technology trends, drives technology innovation, and facilitates collaboration.

H.C. Starck Solutions is a key supplier of refractory metals into the electronics industry. Our sputter materials are employed as thin films in the latest smart phones, tablets and mobile device technologies and support the trend toward, high-speed processing, longevity and miniaturization. High purity tantalum and tungsten are widely used in modern integrated circuit design, enabling smaller chip sizes and increasing performance.

H.C. Starck Solutions’ tantalum has the highest purity levels with very stable thermal, electrical, and mechanical properties for a broad range of semiconductor applications. Our tungsten target blanks are manufactured using high purity powder and proprietary consolidation and thermal mechanical processing to ensure highest material purities of up to 5N. Our specifications and part sizes are co-developed with our customers to meet their individual requirements.

By controlling microstructure, texture, and grain size, H.C. Starck Solutions has supported the needs of its customers for over 20 years and continues to enable advancements in nanoscale engineering of electronics. For our customers, this results in extremely low particle generation, stable and consistent sputter rates through thickness of the targets, as well as extremely low interstitial impurity levels. H.C. Starck Solutions also offers a 100% spent target recycling program for their tantalum targets.

In addition to tantalum and tungsten products for semiconductor and thin film applications, H.C. Starck Solutions also provides a variety of critical components for other areas of electronics, such as ion implantation and thermal management solutions. Our pure molybdenum and tungsten heat sinks are used in telecommunication and consumer electronics, our molybdenum-copper composites are ideally suited for transportation electronics, and our tungsten-copper composites enable high voltage circuit breaker systems. H.C. Starck Solutions will assist in electronics manufacturing and development with a choice of downstream services, from additive manufacturing and 3D screen printing to semiconductor plating.

With 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and development of refractory metals, un-matched material know-how, and a secure and sustainable supply chain, we provide tailored solutions to meet the toughest application challenges in the electronics market. Visit us at booth #I 2406 in the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 (1F) in the Materials Pavilion at Semicon Taiwan and learn more about how our high-performance metal solutions drive the electronics industry forward.