H.C. Starck Solutions has launched a new virtual environment designed as a hub of interactive knowledge where professionals in technical industries can learn about the latest refractory metals solutions and the company’s pioneering developments in related fields.

At H.C. Starck Solutions, we proudly consider ourselves drivers of innovation. Customers around the world, occupying a cross-section of core industries, rely on our commitment to technical ingenuity to resolve critical business challenges through bespoke solutions. Although we were founded on materials expertise—particularly in the field of refractory metals manufacturing—our continued success derives from that innovative mentality. It is what allows us to collaborate with partners and to generate customized solutions with truly added value.

COVID-19 is a challenge that unites all business sectors. It has affected how we market products and share ideas, and is likely ushering in something of a paradigm shift in terms of how industries continue to operate in a post-pandemic era. We are still unaware of if/how conferences and tradeshows will bounce back from a year of mandatory social distancing and business closures, but one thing is for sure; COVID-19 has not affected our collective hunger for continued research and development (R&D) into refractory metal solutions.

Catering to that desire for information and innovation, our team has built a completely unique learning environment modelled on the tradeshow experience. It gives us the chance to share information in a new and exciting format, with limitless potential for growth in the future.

The virtual environment currently features a brief introduction to H.C. Starck Solutions with four distinct sections. Our company section introduces our 100 year story with options to further explore our global footprint and product portfolio. Navigate further through the 3D environment to the markets area which features an interactive plane with highlights about our aerospace services and components. This market area will grow from month to month to encompass all of our exciting application areas, from electronics fabrication through to medical device manufacturing and industrial processing. You will also find our innovation area and HR section, with interesting details displayed in a completely unique format.

We envisage a great scope of potential for our new refractory metals learning environment, from hosting expert talks to engaging with the community in a way that emulates the inimitable tradeshow experience.

Explore our refractory metals virtual environment

Interested in learning more about what our new information hub will feature in the future? Contact a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team to find out.