H.C. Starck Solutions occupies the center stage in the field of refractory metals and alloys development. Our portfolio of high-performance materials features products with versatile material properties, including corrosion resistance; high density; high-temperature strength; high thermal and electrical conductivity; and low thermal expansion. This makes our refractory metals irreplaceable in demanding electronics, aerospace, defense, medical, energy, and industrial applications.

Our Chief Market and Innovation Officer, Uli Blankenstein, discussed the complex properties of refractory metals and innovative applications in the May 2021 Edition of BOSS Magazine.

What to Expect from our Refractory Metals Interview

In his interview, Uli deep dives into how H.C. Starck Solutions has commanded center stage in the development of the most incredible refractory metals and alloys on the planet. Working with molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, and niobium – with their incredibly pure nature, immunity to the most intense heat and relentless pressure, as well as the most corrosive chemicals, these ultramodern materials are forming humanity’s future — and H.C. Starck Solutions (HCSS) is leading the transformation.

Key Talking Point: Tantalum Sputtering Targets

One key talking point Uli touched on in the interview is how we continually occupy the epicenter of the booming semiconductor market. Our high-performance tantalum sputtering targets are an integral component in all copper-based semiconductors, which are used in logic and memory devices for phones, PCs, cars, and many other applications. Uli pointed out:

“As a global market leader, we have seen significant demand increase since last summer. We have been working very closely with our customers, and also with our raw materials and service suppliers to ramp up supply without sacrificing the high quality that HCSS is known for. With the growth of 5G, IoT and longer-term autonomous driving, we see both the demand and technology requirements continuing strong over the next years.

“To meet this, we are planning a major investment into additional equipment throughout the next 24 months to secure our long-term competitiveness. As the only major U.S. supplier of these vital semiconductor materials, we also see ourselves as an important partner with the administration’s renewed focus on securing the domestic supply chain for these crucial technologies.”

The full interview with Uli in BOSS Magazine is available online now, offering insights into cutting-edge applications of our refractory metals and alloys from sputtering targets through to fusion applications.

Interested in Refractory Metals Solutions?

At H.C. Starck Solutions, we always strive to innovate and to provide custom solutions for our close partners through strong modeling capabilities and unmatched material expertise. If you are looking for refractory metals solutions based on the highest quality blanks, powders, semi-finished, or finished parts, why not contact a member of the team today?