MIM is the foremost conference on injection molding of metals, ceramics, and carbides. Run annually by the prestigious Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), MIM exhibitors collectively champion excellence and innovation in the powder injection molding (PIM) industry. This fast-moving market is currently valued in the region of USD $2 billion, due to diligent research and development into novel manufacturing techniques and material advances.

MIM 2020 is the primary conference for experts in PIM spaces to discuss the very latest technology transfer and developments. H.C. Starck Solutions is happy to announce that we will be attending MIM 2020 this March.

MIM 2020: PIM Development & Innovation

Taking place over the first weekend of March (2nd – 4th March), MIM 2020 will provide a forum for manufacturers and developers working with PIM ceramics and metals to share their own insights from a growing industry. Professionals from every point in the manufacturing chain, from designers and engineers to end-users will find something of value from the conference and the optional powder injection molding tutorial.

At H.C. Starck Solutions, we have accrued significant expertise in tantalum, molybdenum, tungsten, and niobium based powders as well as highly engineered furnace hardware. With a suite of manufacturing tools available to us, we routinely develop unique product solutions to cover an extremely wide range of high temperature injection molding applications.

If you have registered for MIM 2020 and would like to speak to a member of the H.C. Starck Solutions team, please contact us to book a time. We would love to hear your perspective on the PIM industry and to share our expertise.