In 2020, H.C. Starck Solutions celebrates 100 years of refractory metals ingenuity across a diverse and robust global network of facilities. As part of our centennial celebration, we are spotlighting the plants that have helped us curate a reputation as the leading supplier of advanced refractory metals solutions worldwide. Among these is our innovative facility in Hermsdorf, Germany.

A Brief History of the Hermsdorf Facility

The Hermsdorf facility dates to 1961 when H.C. Starck was undergoing a substantial period of expansion and modernization. Originally known as Hermsdorf Powder Metallurgy, the facility made significant inroads into developing essential refractory metals and technical ceramic products based on novel manufacturing means. Some of the earliest successes included affordable slip rings and contact materials based on silver and tungsten-copper (WCu) alloys.

In 1963, the Hermsdorf facility constructed a proprietary electron beam furnace to enhance heavy metal production capabilities, and within two years was exploiting new refractory metal powder patents to produce parts based on molybdenum and tungsten, including high-performance tungsten sheet metal.

Electron beam melting (EBM) and powder metallurgy have remained core competencies of Hermsdorf throughout the decades. Constantly striving towards material advancement and product innovation, the Hermsdorf facility has been responsible for numerous developments and additions to our core product offering. By the end of the ‘60s, Hermsdorf was producing complex, high-technology as X-ray tube components and anodes based on molybdenum alloys.

Today, the Hermsdorf facility is our only plant melting molybdenum on an industrial scale, producing a wide range of Mo-based components for critical applications downstream. In order to meet our own sustainability goals, we have also developed a keen focus on recycling chips, scraps, and used components for maximum efficiency.

Our Hermsdorf Facility’s Successes

Our EBM manufactured molybdenum alloys find applications as cathode discs in medical imaging machines, as electrodes in glass melting apparatuses, and more. With high-precision CNC machining capabilities and unmatched material expertise, our Hermsdorf facility is uniquely capable of producing key refractory metals parts with tight tolerances for demanding end-user scenarios.

The Hermsdorf facility also has renowned isostatic pressing, rolling, soldering, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and optical measurement capabilities, providing a wide output range for manufactured components in a choice of downstream markets, including heavy metal tooling and aircraft components. We are continually proud of the achievements of our Hermsdorf team, one of the largest and most profitable refractory powder metallurgy plants in the region.

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