Meet H.C. Starck Solutions at POWDERMET 2019

Specializing in the commercialization of next-generation technologies for today’s industry challenges, H.C. Starck Solutions has committed significant investment and resources into innovative additive manufacturing (AM) processes for high-technology materials. To capitalize on these breakthroughs in AM processing of complex refractory powders like molybdenum (Mo), niobium (Nb), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), and their alloys, the H.C. Starck Solutions team is attending POWDERMET 2019.

POWDERMET is one of the leading conferences for the international community of experts in the field of powder metallurgy and particulate materials. Taking place in Phoenix from June 23—26th, the conference invites engineers, business and procurement managers, designers, and technicians to share their expertise in a frequently changing marketplace.

The field of powder metallurgy has dramatically expanded with the onset of commercially-effective AM processes. Of the numerous technologies that have emerged under the far-reaching bracket of 3D printing, metallurgical AM is one of the most exciting prospects currently available. It enables the generation of intricate three-dimensional structures from technology and refractory metals via the deposition of small feedstock volumes in sequential layers. Various technologies are available for binding these layers into a solid shape, including both fusion and non-fusion technologies.

POWDERMET 2019 has recognized the increasing footprint of AM powder metallurgy and has launched a brand-new metal AM tutorial on June 23rd. Gain an overview of both fusion and solid-state AM processes, with a focus on the options, uses, properties, applications, and opportunities of the technology. H.C. Starck will also be focussing on our advanced metallurgical AM capabilities at booth 420, with a focus on our latest solutions in powders, fabricated parts, and technologies.

If you would like to learn more about H.C. Starck Solutions unmatched material know-how and advanced AM capabilities, join us in Phoenix to chat with the team. Contact us today if you would like to book a time slot that best suits your itinerary, or if you have any general questions about metallurgical AM.