H.C. Starck Solutions has a rich manufacturing history and has always prioritized the health and safety of its employees. The work our team does in our plants can be dangerous and requires strict safety measures and awareness. Always striving for excellence, the company is continuously optimizing its production processes to ensure highest quality parts for its customers while keeping its team members safe.

The Newton site manufactures high technology products made from tantalum and niobium for customers in the electronics, chemical processing, superconductor, and defense industries to name just a few. It is a critical part of the semiconductor value chain and has been operating as an essential business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

To produce such specialized refractory metal parts, the plant has advanced melting/refining capabilities and a suite of metalworking equipment which requires a skilled workforce as well as extra care and precaution to operate correctly and safely. Our Operations team handles sharp, hot, and/or hazardous materials daily so maintaining a safe working environment needs training and awareness. As hands are especially at risk of accidents when operating fabrication equipment, handling sharp metal parts, or working with chemical substances, the Newton site devoted an entire week to hand safety awareness.


The Hand Safety Week was held in the week of June 7-11 and included various trainings, activities, and giveaways with a hand safety theme. The Newton Fire Chief Captain Phil McCully and his team came to visit, providing the local employees with valuable tips and tricks to keep hands safe on the job. The H.C. Starck Solutions Health and Safety department organized Toolbox Talks with a different topic each day related to hand safety, and during the Glove Matching Challenge, participants had to apply their acquired knowledge to match a glove to the correct work station for a chance to win a prize.

But the Hand Safety Week did not focus on safety training alone. The company also wanted to recognize individuals, departments, or other employee groups that are taking extra steps to promote health and safety, and to reduce accidents, incidents, and injuries to others. Throughout the week, employees had the opportunity to nominate a team member for the Stars of Safety Awards, resulting in three winners that were awarded special prizes at the end of the week for their safety contributions. This recognition supports H.C. Starck Solutions’ mission of improving human health and wellness (through employee safety), along with the commitment to provide an environment that protects and supports its workforce.

The week was a full-on success with our local team participating in the activities, from creating our new Hand Safety Banner to challenging each other in the safety-related obstacle course. It was a fun and interactive way to not only bring the team together, but also emphasize the importance of hand safety and the many ways we can avoid accidents at work. H.C. Starck Solutions will continue its hand safety and employee appreciation activities at other sites over the summer and is looking forward to many other Safety Weeks to follow.