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April 7 – Newton MA. The essential role of H.C. Starck Solutions in the semiconductor, aerospace and defense markets was the focus of a visit by Congressman Jake Auchincloss to the global headquarters in Newton on Wednesday. The company supplies the most technically advanced tantalum sputtering targets for the semiconductor supply chain as well as refractory metal products for space and defense applications.

“We were excited to give Congressman Auchincloss the opportunity to see how H.C. Starck Solutions is an essential business, has been successfully executing Covid protocols and keeping our employees safe, while maintaining continuous production of high technology products for our customers in the semiconductor, medical and defense industries” said Jake Homiller, President & CEO of H.C. Starck Solutions.

During the Congressman‘s tour of the plant, several key areas of operations and the differentiators of H.C. Starck Solutions’ process technology were highlighted. Congressman Auchincloss addressed the workforce, emphasizing the importance of the work being done to support the strategic needs of the US and the continued importance of investing in high quality jobs in Massachusetts.

“H.C. Starck Solutions is a critical node in the semiconductor value chain and it represents Massachusetts’ advantage in advanced manufacturing. We are a state that is a world leader in the manufacturing of complex, high value goods. And right here in Newton, we have an example of an employer that is doing work that is critical for many of the products we take for granted in daily life. H.C. Starck Solutions represents not only the jobs of today and of the future, but also America’s competitive advantage,” said the Congressman.

The group discussed the plant’s capabilities, processes, and end products. “It was great to share with the Congressman how our Newton facility supports the semiconductor industry, which has been highlighted by the Biden Administration as a critical supply chain risk. We are proud of what our plant does, and it was great to see the Congressman and his team so engaged with our workforce,” said Homiller.

With the support of our elected officials, H.C. Starck Solutions looks forward to building on its legacy of refractory metal innovation and continuing its support of customers in critical end markets.


About H.C. Starck Solutions

H.C. Starck Solutions is a leading global manufacturer of metal powders, complex fabrications, and additively manufactured parts made from refractory metals. It is headquartered in Newton, MA, with operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Its three U.S. manufacturing plants are in Newton, MA, Euclid, OH, and Coldwater, MI. The company works with four key refractory metals and their alloys, supplying its products to the semiconductor, aerospace, defense, medical, chemical processing, glass melting, and commercial heat-treating industries.